How To Start Blog For Blogging Beginners | How to create a blog step by step

How To Start Blog For Blogging Beginners With WordPress you can create your own blog, anyone can share their experience, their lifestyle, anything on a blog. Managing your own blog allows you to publish anything you want without boundaries. Here step by step tutorial for how to create a blog and how to write a blog.

Moreover, a well written and SEO friendly blog can top you on the Google ranking, however, those eyes won’t stay if you don’t have a beautiful design to entice them. Thus, it is essential that the visitors should find your blog appealing. You can achieve this by designing your WordPress blog beautifully. A well-designed blog is beneficial for you in all the aspects.

There are 5 step to how to start blog for blogging beginners

  1. Select Your Niche/Topic/Business
  2. Register Your Domain Name and Setup Hosting
  3. Get hosting Platform
  4. Install wordpress
  5. Select a theme

Select Your Niche/Topic/Business

One of the first things they asked was to set up a goal by answering the following set of questions:

  • What kind of a blogger do you want to be?
  • What are you going to blog about and why?
  • Who are you writing for?
  • What is the main goal of your blogging adventure?

When starting a blog, you can choose between two approaches.

The first one would be to blog about something you are passionate about (the approach I embraced). The good side of this approach is that, although it requires tons of research (and in my case reading or rereading), the interest you have on the chosen topic is a powerful tool. However, by using this approach, you can only hope you’ll gain followers with time.

The second approach suggests choosing an attractive niche from the start, with a specific angle. When aiming at an attractive niche, you are pursuing followers who already showed interest in the topics you will be covering. This is probably better approach if you want to monetize your blog someday in the future! Of course, this doesn’t mean that the passion is excluded from the second equation. The best blog posts are always those that radiate energy and passion.

Register Your Domain Name and Setup Hosting

A domain name is your web address. My domain name is domain name is really important, so take some time to think it over.You want something that’s easy to remember and easy to spell. Shorter is better.Google whatever name you come up with to make sure it isn’t taken and doesn’t have any weird connotations!

Register all your social media profiles early on, even if you won’t use them right away, to make sure nobody else takes them! You can register your domain name at the same time you sign up for hosting. That’s the next step.

Get hosting Platform

The third step of ‘How to Start a Blog Guide’ deals with setting up a blog that you can do by choosing a host for your blog.

Actually, when you choose WordPress as a blogging platform to create a blog, you download WordPress on your PC as Software. You are the only one who can access this blog, as WordPress cannot put your blog on the internet.

Hosting platforms would do this for you.

A hosting company or host provides you a server space on the web that will let your site be accessible to anyone using the internet.

Bluehost is one such host that you can use to create your blog.

How To Start Blog For Blogging Beginners
How To Start A Blog For Blogging Beginners

Hosting is kind of like renting an apartment or an office, it’s the place where you store your stuff and start building your blog.
So as you can imagine, your host is very important.

Everything you work on and write about will be stored on your host. If your host has a record of being out of service (that’s called downtime), or not very tight with security, that’s not a good thing.

You wouldn’t want your apartment to get broken into, would you? Same goes for your travel blog.

That being said, there are many great hosts to choose from, and they can be very affordable – just a few dollars per month.

Install wordpress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is free piece of web software that can be used as a blogging platform and a content management system (in simpler terms, it’s the program your blog operates on).

According to their website, more than 60 million blogs around the world operate on WordPress, and in my opinion it’s the blogging platform standard.

Thousands of websites you’ve probably used, like The New York Times and Food Gawker, use WordPress to power their websites.

Just so you don’t get confused, there are two WordPress websites: (.ORG)- This is the open source free software that we’ll be using. (.COM) – This is where you can start a free blog, and it will look like this:

Select a theme

While publishing posts is the most important part of blogging, I think design is also huge.

According to Neil Patel, on the internet today people have an average attention span shorter than a goldfish, and almost everyone, myself included, really do judge a blog by its cover, without thinking about it.

If you see a blog or website that looks like it was created in 1998, no matter how good the content is, I can tell you right now, you and I both are probably going to click away in a couple seconds.

Also, I remember for myself, when I had an old and tacky design that I personally wasn’t happy about, I wasn’t as inspired to write and publish articles. Why would I want to work so hard on a post, only to have it look tacky and old?

I’m not saying you need a perfect website design.

In fact, if you worry too much about design, you might never be fully satisfied. Instead, just make sure your blog is modern and has a design you’re happy with.

The wonderful news is, you don’t need to be to a professional designer to make your blog look fantastic.

I have almost zero design skills, and I was still able to create both and on my own.

Here’s how: WordPress themes

What is a WordPress theme?

You have a domain,, you have hosting, you have installed WordPress, now you need a theme.

A WordPress theme is like the body skin of your blog, it is the visual aspect of your blog. As Studiopress* puts it, it’s the body of your car.

When you install WordPress, you are automatically given a default theme, but by changing the theme, you can make your blog function and look much better.

How to install your WordPress theme
Once you’ve decided on a theme, you can then download it to your computer, and it should be a file like

Next, go to your blog dashboard – you can get there by going to and typing in your username and password.

To install your new theme, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme > Find your theme file > Install Now > Activate.

Your new theme should be live on your site once you hit refresh.

We won’t get into further customizing, but you can then proceed to easily add your logo, change the colors, your background, etc.


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