How To Install WordPress Plugin | Step by Step how to start a blog wordpress

How To Install WordPress Plugin | There are three way to install wordpress plugin. Here i am teach wordpress install plugin step by step.

How To Install WordPress Plugin Using Zip File

First download your plugin zip file from

Go to the “Plugins > Add New” screen.

At the top, right next to the work “Add New” is a button labelled “Upload Plugin”. Click that button, and a new area of the page should become visible to you.

Once you’ve got the file found, click “Install Now”. This will trigger WordPress to install the .ZIP file as a plugin on your site.

How To Install WordPress Plugin

Into that area you can either drag-and-drop of use the “Choose File” button to use your system’s file browser to find it.

wordpress install plugin

On the screen you will see, you can then click the “Activate” button to turn on the plugin.

install wordpress

Search your Plugin and Install the One You Want to Use

Here are the steps to follow:
Login to your WordPress dashboard and click “Plugins” in the left column:

Click on “Add New” under “Plugins in the left column to be taken to the, “Add Plugins” screen:

Here, you can begin your search for plugins using the first of three methods. Using the links at the top, you can look for “Featured”, “Popular”, Recommended” and “Favorites” plugins. This is the best way to search if you want to explore what’s out there for you to use for your own site.

If you know the name of a plugin you want or some keywords for what the type of plugin you want does (e.g. social sharing, image slider), the second way to search is the search field on the top right of the “Add Plugins” screen:

This image also shows the, “More Details” link that we’ll talk about in step.

Add Plugins

When you will find super cool plugin just click Install Now.

Install Now

Now you need to only activate the plugin by clicking Activate.


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