Top 10 Tips – How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Online

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Online

Affiliate Marketing Online

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Online is a great way for the home based entrepreneur to make either a second income or to create an excellent full time occupation with great earnings potential. The ‘affiliate’ will be introducing customers to online publishers or merchants. If these customers sign up for the service the merchant is offering or buy the product(s) that are on offer then the affiliate is rewarded with a commission. These commissions can vary from $1 up to $100’s depending on the product or service on offer.

Although this is simple in theory it is the art of generating the customer introductions that is the secret to being successful in affiliate marketing online. There are many different methods that affiliates use to advertise for customers. These include organic search engine optimization, paid search engine marketing (pay per click), email marketing, display advertising, posting in online forums and blogging.

affiliate marketing online is an ideal way for the affiliate to become involved in internet commerce. They never have to handle a product, carry any stock or arrange any deliveries. If they can introduce customers to the merchants for a lower cost than the commission they will receive then the affiliate will earn a net profit. The bigger the margin between the cost and the commission received then the larger the gross profit. If the number of customers is increased in scale then some very handsome profits can be earned.

Although it is simple this does not mean it will be easy. For every person who is successful at affiliate marketing there are probably 10 others who have tried and lost money. To generate customer leads the affiliate will have to generate traffic to the marchants offers. Sometimes the affiliate will direct traffic straight to the merchant’s website via an affiliate link. This is a direct link to the merchant’s offer with the affiliate’s details encoded in the link – hence if the customer ends up buying the service or product the affiliate will receive the commission.

More experienced affiliates will probably direct traffic to their own website or blog to display their own landing page. This may entice the customer to give their email address to the affiliate in return for some additional benefits before they click on the link to the merchant’s landing page. If the affiliate can build up an email list of clients who have given their consent to receive further offers this can provided a future source of potential customers for similar offers in the future.

Most affiliate programs today (80%) reward their affiliates for a sale of an item (CPS – cost per sale). The majority of the remainder (19%) will reward for a particular action being performed e.g. the customer entering their email address, downloading some free software or maybe signing up for a free trial of a product. The remaining programs use other methods such as cost per click (CPC) or cost per mille (CPM).

In essence the secret of affiliate marketing online will be in generating volumes of quality targeted traffic to the merchants offer(s) and getting a good conversion ratio so that the commission received is greater than the cost of the traffic generated. In this blog we will discuss some of the methods of generating traffic and also explore some of the affiliate programs and CPA networks that are available online today.

Top 10 Tips – Affiliate Marketing Online

1) Write & Post Unique Articles
If you wish to gain a reputation in your chosen niche then it is important that you write unique articles and then distribute them. When the articles are published on other web sites or ezines you will begin to get links to your site from the links contained within your article and the resource box at the end of each article. If you appear knowledgeable in your chosen field then readers will be interested to find out more from your web site.

2) Cloak Your Affiliate Links Some visitors may be put off clicking on your affiliate link when they see your affiliate ID is embedded in the web site link. They may choose not to visit the affiliate website at all and on some occasions they will type the target website address direct in to the address bar whilst removing your affiliate ID. If they do this then you will not receive your affiliate commission. To avoid this from happening you can cloak your links so that your affiliate ID is not evident and the visitor is not aware that they are clicking on an affiliate link. You will find more information about cloaking your links by searching the internet.

Best Way To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing Online

3) Create A Landing Page If you create a landing page to pre-sell the product you are trying to promote it will give you a greater chance of convincing your visitors to take up the merchant’s offer or purchase their product. You could include testimonials, product reviews and even articles provided by the merchant to persuade your visitors to click on the affiliate link. Once they have been convinced by your pre-sell to visit the merchant’s website there is a better chance they will follow through to take up the offer.

4) Concentrate On A Niche You Are Interested In If you are to attract sufficient visitors then you need to find a market niche that you are interested in. After all, if you are to write articles on a subject then you need to have a sufficient knowledge and enthusiasm to be able to capture the interest of others. If you choose a subject that is too broad you will find it hard to compete with the many established competitors already in the same market. If you choose a subject that is too specific and unusual then there is a danger that not enough people will be interested in your niche to provide you with sufficient traffic. A good tool to investigate potential niches and keywords is Marketing Samurai .

5) Capture The Email Address Of Your Visitors To Form A Database After you have gone to all the expense and trouble of advertising for visitors to visit your website then you should maximise the future potential of this customer. A good way of doing this is by asking them to enter their email address for a free report or some free software. The captured email address can be saved to your marketing database to email similar offers to the customer that may be of interest to them in the future. Hence, not only do you have the chance of earning from them on this occasion if they complete the offer from the affiliate link but you also have the future potential of earning from responses to future offers you will be sending them – to do this you can utilise Auto Responder software as described in point 6 below.

6) Utilise Auto Responder Software To Contact Your Email Database Once you have begun to amass a database of customers who have been kind enough to provide you with their email addresses you can use the auto responder software to plan an email marketing campaign to these customers over weeks, months and even years. Auto Responders are valuable tools that allow you to schedule timed emails over a period of time based on different emails that you have devised. In these emails you can provide testimonials, reviews and affiliate links on any further items that may be of interest to them.

7) Advertise You may have the best landing page in the world leading to the best product in the world but if you are not receiving any visitors then you will never make a sale. The secret to being a success at affiliate marketing is traffic. The more traffic you can attract then the more potential sales you will make. The most effective way to get traffic is to advertise – somewhere, anywhere! The most popular form of advertising is PPC (pay per click) with search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Another form of advertising is Cost Per View – for example you pay for each time your ad is displayed, usually as a cost per 1000 impressions on another website. Other methods of advertising include ezines, publishing articles, posting in forums and social networking.

8 ) Tracking You may be running several advertising campaigns on a particular product and be attracting visitors from different sources and different adverts. How do you know which adverts are attracting the most visitors? How do you know which source of visitors are most likely to convert into sales? Tracking is an essential part of being successful at internet marketing online. If you can identify and then focus on the most successful advertising campaigns and eliminate the costly ineffective adverts then you will increase your profit margin. Once you have identified the best campaigns you can increase the scale of this advert to increase your overall profit.

9) Search Engine Optimisation If you optimise your web pages for the search engines then you will rank higher in the search results for your chosen keywords. The higher you rank for your chosen keyword then the more organic search engine traffic you will attract. Search engines love unique content that is relevant to your chosen keywords. Make sure your title tags are matched to the content of each individual page of your website instead of having a generic title tag for all of your website pages. Update your website regularly with fresh content – search engines love websites which are being regularly updated with fresh content. This is a very involved subject but there is some very good content in the webmasters section on the Google website.

10) Give Your Customers Value For Money The chances are that there are many others advertising the same product from the same merchant. If you are to attract these customers to click on your affiliate link instead of one of your competitors then the perceived value of your offer has to be better. Part of this will be dependant on the quality of your landing page. However, what else can you give your potential customer to ‘reward’ them for completing your offer. You could offer them some free reports, screensavers, articles etc. There are plenty of free resources on the internet where you can gather quality free material to pass on to your customers. These will enhance your offer and give your customers better value for money than your competitors.

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